Running the Test SuiteΒΆ

Grackle contains a number of unit and answer tests to verify that everything is working properly. These will verify that:

  • proper and comoving unit systems are consistent
  • atomic, primordial collisional ionization equilibrium agrees with the analytical solution
  • all code examples build and run
  • all python examples run and give correct results
  • all Python code conforms to PEP 8

Once you have installed pygrackle, the tests can be run from the src directory by typing make test:

~ $ cd grackle/src
~/grackle/src $ make test

or from the src/python directory by typing py.test:

~ $ cd grackle/src/python
~/grackle/src $ py.test

===================================== test session starts ======================================
platform darwin -- Python 2.7.11, pytest-2.8.1, py-1.4.30, pluggy-0.3.1
rootdir: /Users/britton/Documents/work/simulation/grackle/grackle/src/python, inifile:
collected 13 items

tests/ ...
tests/ ....
tests/ ........
tests/ .
tests/ .

================================== 17 passed in 68.83 seconds ==================================

Now it’s time to integrate grackle into your simulation code.